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Division Champions, Chronologically

The 2007 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

48 Hector Carrasco - 10/22/69
Ditched on July 10 and not missed.

38 Darren Oliver - 10/06/70
After fixing a mechanical flaw in his delivery (he praises Pitching Coach Mike Butcher), he has been nails and were it not for a seniority/sentimentality/4 year contract, would have surpassed Scot Shields on hte team's depth chart.

16 Garret Anderson - 06/30/72
At times in the 2nd half he carried this team. That is a heavy weight. He's healthy, he can do it.

40 Bartolo Colon - 05/24/73
A few flashes of brilliance early in the season was more than was reasonable to expect.

33 Justin Speier - 11/06/73
We missed him when he left with an undisclosed intestinal virus (about two months prior to the stadium being cited for rats in its food stands), but he has only been "very good" for fans that are used to "great" from their bullpen.

24 Gary Matthews - 08/25/74
A few amazing catches and a few clutch hits. He fit in well.

18 Orlando Cabrera - 11/02/74
Great defense, should have been an all-star, clubhouse chemistry man.

28 Jose Molina - 06/03/75
Traded on July 22 and not missed.

62 Scot Shields - 07/22/75
His worst season as a pro was still above average for a middle reliever.

12 Shea Hillenbrand - 07/27/75
DFA’d on June 28 and not a moment too soon.

27 Vladimir Guerrero - 02/09/76
Team MVP. He will be DHing more from now on and this is to be welcomed.

45 Kelvim Escobar - 04/11/76
If his shoulder inflammation just needs rest and a Tylenol, we should be in great postseason shape.

39 Robb Quinlan - 03/17/77
He is supposed to mash lefties and get Scioscia fresh coffee. Well, at least he knows a quick route to the Katella Starbucks.

59 Marcus Gwyn - 11/04/77
Hope he enjoyed his cup of coffee. Maybe Quinlan tossed him an extra sugar.

9 Chone Figgins - 01/22/78
Surpassed any and all of the rosiest projections, ditched all of his bad habits and contributed to the 2nd half as much or more than anyone save Vlad and Garret.

20 Juan Rivera - 07/03/78
Hopefully a lefty-masher off the post-season

41 John Lackey - 10/23/78
The Ace.

49 Chris Bootcheck - 10/24/78
At this point, better than Shields, really, but little more than a three-inning semi-mop.

52 Jason Bulger - 12/06/78
His second cup o' major league joe was nicer than the achey first.

25 Nick Gorneault - 04/19/79
If you blinked, you missed him.

48 Ryan Budde - 08/15/79
One great Ribby.

65 Tommy Murphy - 08/27/79
Waving to the team plane from the October tarmac...

13 Nathan Haynes - 09/07/79
Fastest guy I have ever seen on the bases.

6 Maicer Izturis - 09/12/80
He hit a ball-busting homer against Curt Schilling and then a grand slam the next night. Looking forward to October!

77 Reggie Willits - 05/30/81
If David Eckstein had been a sneering bully outfielder, he would have been Reggie.

51 Joe Saunders - 06/16/81
I think it was determined that he would be the #2 - #4 starter on 20 major league clubs.

44 Mike Napoli - 10/31/81
Nails when healthy.

58 Dustin Moseley - 12/26/81
He was surprisingly good in spot starts and mops, especially since we got him in a trade with Cincinnati for Ramon Ortiz.

57 Francisco Rodriguez - 01/07/82
Some drama, yeah, but talk to the 38 saves.

64 Terry Evans - 01/19/82
Made his cup of coffee count.

43 Matthew Brown - 08/08/82
His cup of coffee was a double espresso - He preserved an Escobar shutout with a hot glove at the hot corner.

36 Jered Weaver - 10/04/82
A very good sophomore season was only a disappointment in relationship to his jaw-droppingly monstrous rookie campaign.

34 Chris Resop - 11/04/82
Grinded the beans for his cup of coffee and wound up on the 60-Day DL.

54 Ervin Santana - 12/12/82
There are two things that need to be solved by the end of this decade: one is finding a non-partisan happy medium between civil liberties and proactive policing. Making Ervin consistent is the other.

35 Casey Kotchman - 02/22/83
Casey: avoid the freak injuries, hit the ball in the air and then you can enjoy the shrinking ring-to-finger ratio.

5 Jeff Mathis - 03/31/83
Every Stoneman-basher and Jose Molina apologist packaged Jeff up in a trade for every, and any 25-HR has-been in baseball. He showed y'all.

22 Kendry Morales - 06/20/83
If this dude could play Right Field we'd actually be so set up for A-Rod that it would be destiny!

47 Howie Kendrick - 07/12/83
I saw this really fat guy in line at the Stadium Panda Express and said to nobody in particular, "Looks like Howie Kendrick isn't the only guy on earth who may hit 400 next year..."

32 Erick Aybar - 01/14/84
The bloom is off the trade-bait rose, but the Defense is still there...

63 Rich Thompson - 07/01/84
Vegemite with your cup a coffee, er, tea, mate?

3 Brandon Wood - 03/02/85
The kid gets a taste from his cup and you think he might one day own the whole damn coffee shop...