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Rally Ratpack Gene Autry 100th Birthday Vegas Meet-Up

Celebrate Gene Autry's 100th Birthday

RALLY RATPACK - The Halos Heaven community will be gathering THIS SATURDAY, September 29, 2007 in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday would have been Gene Autry's 100th Birthday and we are going to party like it is 1907 except with all the modern conveniences and equal rights and all that stuf, but yeah, it is gonna be a memorable time!

Rally Rat Pack Itinerary
If you cannot join us for the entire night, or have to return to your hotel for a while during the festivities, PRINT THIS OUT - this itinerary let's you know exactly where we will be at any given time during our Rally Rat Pack adventure! Join us, get sick of us, leave us, long for us and rejoin us later on our sojourn of debauchery!

Weather looks to be around 70 degrees overnight, so a light sweater after the 90 degree afternoon is all you need, we are dressing casual - tee shirts, jeans, not too sloppy, but nothing tucked in unless you really want to cruise the Bellagio for a rich future spouse later on...

Again, Print this out and keep it with you in Las Vegas on Saturday Night...

Saturday, September 29, 2007:
5:00 - 7:00 PM
WHAT: Gene Autry 100th Birthday mixer
WHERE: Fitzgerald's Casino - 2nd floor casino balcony
WHY: We had to meet and greet somewhere, why not somewhere with fresh air?
COST: Free if you bring your own bottle of water, otherwise, what, a few bucks for a cocktail...
Translation: We are going to hang out near a bar and slots in a middle-class casino.

7:30 - 8:00 PM
WHAT: Gene Autry Centennary Penny Slot tournament
WHERE: Gold Spike Casino - Downtown Las Vegas
WHY: Some people do not bring a lot of money to Vegas, but this is your chance to win big within the context of winning a little bit of money while surrounded by the biggest losers outside of Arlington, Seattle and Oakland.
COST: Free if you just want to watch us go crazy on the cheapest slot machines on earth. Otherwise, One Dollar.
Translation: We are going to hang out near a bar and slots in a lower-class casino.

8:00 - 9:00 PM
WHAT: Rev. Halofan Vs. Yeswecan Libra Vs. Libra Money Losing Contest - on the night that would have been Libra Gene Autry's 100th Birthday
WHERE: El Cortez Casino craps table
WHY: This is a chance to mingle with other Angel fans and watch two self-proclaimed hotshots (Reverend Halofan and Yeswecan) born under the same zodiac sign as Gene Autry, go up against the ultimate reality: Math. As in, if they beat the odds, they buy you drinks, if they don't, you laugh at them in a knowing, scolding manner of superiority. From his perch at the casino bar, Angel fan legend Cupie is sure to narrate the foibles of these two wannabe gambling superstars.
COST: Free if you just want to watch us go crazy on a stupid $5 dice game. If you want to join in, it is best that you cut your ATM card in half first.
Translation: We are going to hang out near a bar, table games and slots in a middle-class casino.

9:30 - 10:30 PM
WHAT: Dive Bar Diet Coke-a-thon and tribute to Gene Autry
WHERE: Griffin Bar, Fremont Street
WHY: We have events for the gamblers in the crowd, this one is for you drinkers. Your host, Rev Halofan, will happily purchase you the cocktail of your choice provided that it is mixed with delicious diet Coke. Rum and DC, Jack and DC, Tanqueray and DC, the first one is on me!
COST: Free if you order a cocktail with Diet Coke in it. Otherwise, what is a drink on a Saturday night at a trendy bar cost these days?
Translation: We are going to hang out in a bar with jukebox music and hot kids in their 20s.

10:30 PM - 11:15 PM
WHAT: Gene Autry memorial Angel Lookalike on the Street Contest
WHERE: Fremont Street Experience - Fremont and 2nd Street - At the exterior of the Four Queens Hotel
WHY: This is your chance to win the big, big prize of a Panther or Rally Rat TeeShirt. We will all be scouring the heavily-populated Fremont Street looking for anyone with a smidgen of a resemblance to any Angel, past or present. When you find one, you must convince him (or, more awesomely, HER) to come have a picture taken with CUPIE. Even money says there are 5 Reggie Willits lookalikes spotted in the first 15 minutes of this grueling, but ultimately rewarding, competition (10 Reggies if you count mullets). Most talent found for pics with CUPIE wins a HH Panther shirt courtesy of cupie himself...
COST: Free, unless we all get arrested for drunk and disorderly, then it is like $800 bucks to go thru the whole booking process...
Translation: We are going to hang out near a bar and slots outside the front of a casino and make fun of the people walking by but not in a way that gets our asses kicked.

11:30 PM
WHAT: Gene Autry Centennary Cab Ride to the Strip
WHERE: Outside the Plaza Hotel
WHY: You are gonna be too drunk to drive, to broke to afford your own ride and I don't want you puking in my car!
We are taking a cab to the Vegas Strip - to grab a bite at an affordable coffee shop. Tell the Driver, "Bally's, please". You will soon be in the middle of the Vegas strip!
COST: 5 or 6 bucks.
Translation: We are going to share the cost of a cab ride.

Midnight - 1:00 AM
WHAT: Gene Autry 100th Birthday Snack Time
WHERE: The Sidewalk café at Bally's Casino
WHY: Well, we all gotta eat, it is good and cheap. Maybe we will have cake for Gene, but if you have been drinking cheap beer all night, don't barf near me after you lick too much frosting!
COST: 20 bucks tops, much cheaper than the stadium.
Translation: We are going to eat and hang out at a coffee shop.

1:30 - 2 AM
WHAT: Angel Jersey Roulette - a tribute to Gene Autry
WHERE: Bill's Gambling Hall Casino (formerly known as Barbary Coast Casino)
WHY: Bring 5 bucks to the roulette table (prices may vary - it might be a $10 minimum bet, but it might a $1 minimum bet) for our very special ANGELS JERSEY ROULETTE - the game is played by betting on number and announcing boldly and loudly whose number you have bet your money on. Will it be Vlad, Garret or are you gonna get obscure on us? The roulette wheel only goes up to 36, so betting on Frankie or Howie is out of the question.
COST: Free just to watch. $5 otherwise.
Translation: We are going to hang out near a bar, table games and slots in a middle-class casino on the Vegas Strip.

2 AM - ???
WHAT: Plastered on the Strip Nickel Slot Tourney and tribute to Gene Autry on what would have been his 100th Birthday
WHERE: The Bellagio
WHY: This is a final chance to gamble, drink and talk Angels baseball in slurred sentences that you will never recall to people with funny screen names. If you have a penny left in your pocket, you are out of luck, but if you have a nickel, let's go squeeze the life out of it in the nickel slot section of the Bellagio (you can ask any Bellagio employee to point you to the nickel slot section, or you might hear us screaming). Prizes may vary, but hopefully it is a bucketful of nickels, right?!?!
COST: Free just to watch. $5 otherwise.
Translation: We are going to hang out near a bar and slots in an upper-class casino on the Vegas Strip.

Happy Birthday, Cowboy, wherever you and your horse roam!