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Steve Physioc is Garbage at the Microphone

Jeff Mathis, who is not even playing today, is the subject of a Steve Physioc rambling monologue to begin the bottom of the 2nd inning. The fact that Joe Saunders is getting lit up, that Nathan Haynes is subbing in the field for Gary Matthews (just removed from the game), none of this is important. The tension may be mounting, but it is time to discuss Jeff Mathis playing high school football in excrutiating detail.

Steve informs us in an excited, non-stop monologue that Jeff Mathis had a choice between football and baseball and made the decision when he was sacked in an All-Star game. Pretty simple, but Physioc rambles on and on, naming the defensive back who tackled Mathis, describing the formation of the offensive line that involved a shovel pass to the Running back who tossed the ball back to QB Mathis - on and on Physioc goes - naming the Defensive Back and where he ended up going to college to play ball - meanwhile, Angel fans are nervously wondering about the playoff rotation with a weakened Saunders, the status of our big-contract CF - oh and all of this was Physioc's digression about some Fox Net promo about a show that has something to do with basketball or something - the promo began the inning and Physioc just digressed away, chatterbox style...

We get it Steve, you know intimate details about a major leaguer. Thanks for exacerbating this needless tension.

Please, please, PLEASE Angel management, someone, anyone, no matter how much this Jayhawk dork kisses corporate butt, PLEASE do not renew the contract of this folksy yip-yap hayseed.

Rory and Terry radio/television simulcast with Hud as additional color commentator and Mota a one-time-per-game on-field analyst. That is the ticket to a major market franchise.