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Halos Heaven MEET-UP in Vegas

Celebrate Halo fan fellowship and a great season, as well as the birthdays of Rev Halofan and Yeswecan in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, September 29.

We will be meeting up in beautiful Downtown Vegas for an adventure that will include:

*The Search for the 75 cent Heineken
*Our Penny Slot Tournament
*The Halos Heaven Vegas Scavenger Hunt - with PRIZES
*Dive Bar Diet Coke-a-thon
*Favorite Angel Lookalike On the Street Contest - with even better PRIZES
...and much much more!

Here is how it works:
Step One:
Make your own reservation - I recommend Cheapovegas to point you in the direction of the right deals.
Please Note: Downtown Vegas is cheaper and most of our festivities will be there!
Step Two:
Get your ass there however you please. The above site link has travel deals in addition to its hotel deals.
Step Three:
Early in the week of the event our Saturday Night Itinerary will be posted on the site for all to read. Print it out - It will have the exact times and locations of when and where we will be meeting - if you get there late, you will know exactly where we are when we are there. If you have to split off from the group or get separated, this intinerary will let you catch up to us.

The itinerary begins with a 5 pm mixer (the Angels play in Oakland that Saturday at 1:05 pm) at a location to be determined where we can all meet and greet. So we will see you all in Las Vegas Nevada on Saturday, September 29 at 5 PM (eat an early dinner, I recommend the Main Street Station Buffet for value and the Golden Nugget's for quality) in Las Vegas Nevada for a night of Halo Fan History!