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Vegas MEET-UP update

It has been confirmed that yeswecan and cupie will be attending the Halos Heaven Vegas MEET-UP on Saturday, September 29 at 5 PM !! Talk about doubling your celebrity quotient in one reservation!

Our First Event of the evening will be a 5PM Meet and Greet on the 2nd Floor Patio balcony of Fitzgerald's Casino. This will run to 6:30 when the night will really get going.

The meet and greet is in addition to the early bird gathering to watch the Angels game at the Venetian Casino Sports Book at 1:05 PM with a dinner break/nap/freshen-up session prior to the Meet and Greet.

Also - we need a NAME for the damn MEET-UP - Viva Halo Fan or something catchy. Somebody suggest something and make your reservations NOW!