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Angels Increase Biggest Division Lead in Baseball

Panther of the Game: Casey Kotchman

... an embarrasment of riches... the tempatation to gloat over Baseball Non-Analyst Keith Law's recent obituary for Garret Anderson that asserted the decline of Garret's bat speed contrary to every other human being's observations, his stat-boy joykiller line that "RBI are meaningless", it is just too easy to gloat and snicker on a night like this, a warm happy summer night where everything went right.

For those of you who believe in clutch, Casey Kotchman was clutch. It was a come from behind mashing of a tough, tough team, and it was only their #4 starter, so don't go getting silly now.

But, by all means, gloat and high five anyone you meet wearing red. It is September 7 and our magic number matches the one G.A. wears on his uniform.