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Vlad Guerrero Injury is Blessing in Disguise

With baseball's biggest division lead and facing a road trip aginst sub-.500 teams next week, Vlad Guerrero's tricep tenderness could not have come at a more opportune time for the Angels.

Everyone at this point of the season needs a little rest, and a few days off for any overworked player now will only serve as a tonic. Vlad's critical role in the Angel lineup is the difference maker for this team and one they will have to rely on to go any distance in October. The sky is blue and water is wet if that previous sentence did not underscore one of the most obvious facts on Earth. A rested Vlad, though, could easily be the impact bat of the post-season.

Take it easy Vlad, we have good pitchers - in fact with Bartolo Colon's imminent return, we have a 6-man rotation - and a hot Garret Anderson is assisting the lineup's need for mmmph. Add to all this our crowded, deep outfield and infield and not the toughest stretch of games coming up and get a good rest while you nurse back that tender tricep.