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Mainstream Media Steroid Conspiracy

Since March (or was it February), we have been prickteased by the media to get a boner ready over the soon to be revealed end of the world steroid scandal story.

In Spring Training, Angel Gary Matthews, Jr. was named.

Today, Troy Glaus was named.

Only one other player (Cardinal Rick Ankiel), has been named in the investigation - and all three have been reported by mainstream media and all have only made reference to undisclosed sources.

In some political campaigns, a candidate is advised to disclose unsavory information in a willing fashion, to deluge the media with all the pertinent information once it is clear the opposition is beginning to find trickles of it anyway. Do it early enough, and the scandal goes away, as the candidate can always say something akin to "Oh, I have discussed this ad nauseum and I am done discussing it, I am here to talk about working for the American People," when he or she is confronted with the awful truth a few weeks or months down the road.

This time-honored political strategy crossed my mind because I feel like the mainstream media has it in for the Angels, but that is just a feeling, I cannot prove it. But I can absolutely state that the national mainstream sports media is preconditioned to love the Red Sox, Yankees and - to a lesser degree - the Mets. Reporting on these teams is fellatio manifest. And so it is not too hard to put two and two together that these media outlets may have info on a BIG star or two from one or more of these "preferred" teams and have decided to trickle out a few names to build up the public's distaste NOT FOR steroid abuse, but for the reporting ITSELF of steroid abuse.

So when a prominent Yankee or Red Stocking is finally revealed to have juiced, the national media outlets will be able to quickly report that the public is sick of all this and just does not care and it is time to move forward, and they just will not cover the story in as detailed a fashion then as they have recently.

But everyone has a conspiracy theory these days now, don't they?