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Day Off Thread

The Angels are travelling to Baltimore on Monday to start a three game series with the Orioles on Tuesday, allowing for Gary Matthews to discuss HgH shipping methods with Jay Gibbons.

While that is going on, let's have an off-day discussion, shall we?

Today's off day thread:

You are on a deserted island, but with plenty of creature comforts. You are going to be there for a while.

1. You find a satellite dish but realize that you can only tune it to one channel. What channel do you tune it to?

2. You have an internet connection but it will lock onto whatever website you go to first and the external links there will not work and you cannot send or receive email. Which website do you go to?

You're going to be there a while. What station and site do you pick and why?

ALSO ... Don't Forget: September 29 is the RALLY RAT PACK - Halos Heaven Meet-Up in Las Vegas.