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Happy New Year

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Let's start off the year on a positive note.

In November, I compiled my Most Despicable Team - players on other teams at each position that I loathe.

Without naming any Angels or prominent Ex Angels, allow me to indulge you with my Most Beloved Team - players on other teams who I root for except when they are playing us:

(Name Your Most Beloved Team in the comments)

Russel Martin - Hard to root for a Dodger but the guy has a seriously complete game

First Base
Albert Pujols - Like Vlad when it comes to integrity, and a much less messier personal life

Second Base
Chase Utley - A fun player to watch

Third Base
Miguel Cabrera - I am still bummed big time that we did not get him

Hainley Ramirez - Exciting, if sloppy on the D

Eric Byrnes - A hoot when being interviewed (think Jeff Spicolli with biceps), so you cannot help but root for the guy.

Ichiro - Damn I hate how much I like him, but it is easier since the Mariners are so prone to sinking these days...

Kenny Lofton - Whenever he gets a hit against the Angels, no matter how impactful it is against us, I always smile and holler "You can have that one now in exchange for that flyball to Erstad in 2002..."

James Shields - This guy really helped my fantasy teams last season so I started following him more closely.

Jeremy Guthrie - ditto the out of nowhere salvation he gave my fantasy squads that translated into my loyalty except when he plays us.

Takashi Saito - this guy is just so efficient it is impressive.