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Gene Autry has Five Stars on Hollywood Boulevard

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More Anti-Angel bias at the L.A. Times?

A little dig at Gene Autry in Johnny "Mayor of Hollywood" Grant's obituary:

Most of Grant's on-air work was for Gene Autry, who owned KTLA-TV and KMPC-AM. The two had met during the war. Grant hosted a celebrity interview show and reported Hollywood news on KTLA, and was the disc jockey on KMPC's long-running "Freeway Club" program. He served as KTLA's director of public affairs from 1971 to 1992. The two men's association lasted 42 years, and it is no coincidence that Autry has five stars on the Walk of Fame, more than anyone else.

Gene earned his stars. I don't see no damn Plaschke star on the Walk 'o Fame...