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Ever year, the Angels allow season seat holders to exchange their season seats for other available seats.

If you want to move to seats in the Lower View or View MVP between the bases, based on what I saw at the stadium this morning, you should be able to.

Club, Terrace and Field between the bases is sold out completely.

They will let you downsize (change to cheaper seats) but your account gets credited, you don't get any refunds. You cannot add seats after yesterday, except an account with 2 seats can add an adjoining 3rd seat and an account with 4 seats can add an adjoining 5th. There were a total of 7 available seats in the first 4 rows of the Right Field Pavillion - 3 in 238 D and 4 in 239 C. We were tempted but kept our 240 Fs for another year. Actually there are two in my row four seats away if you are in a party mood!

All of this will change as more people give up what they had in exchange for a different seat, so something great could theoretically open up.

They gave a sheet about all the new StubHub policies for you $calper$ - I threw it away.

Click image twice for blow-up detail - seats with white tags were available at Noon, Wednesday.