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Gossage to the HOF

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Goose Gossage alone was voted into Cooperstown today. He received 466 votes, 85+%

75% is required and Jim Rice fell just 16 votes shy of that with 72+% of the vote. Andre Dawson saw a big gain and wound up with just under 66% of the vote.

Big news is Bert Blyleven's surge to 61% of the vote - the momentum of Rice, Dawson and the Dutchman reflects previous inductees who took a longer route to Cooperstown.

Dave Concepcion received 16% of the vote in his 15th and final HOF ballot appearance.

Pitchers Lee Smith and Jack Morris were at 5th and 6th place, each with around 43%.

Also returning on next year's ballot will be:
Tommy John (29%)
Tim Raines (24% - the only new name on the ballot who made the 5% minimum votes cut)
Mark McGwire (23% - down a smidgen from last year's 25%)
Alan Trammel (18%)
Don Mattingly (15%)
Dave Parker (15%)
Dale Murphy (13%)
Harold Baines (5.2%)

Chuck Finley got ONE vote.

Next Year's ballot additions will include:

David Cone
Ron Gant
Joe Girardi
Rickey Henderson
Charles Nagy
Denny Neagle
Jesse Orosco
Dean Palmer
Dan Plesac
Luis Sojo
Greg Vaughn
Mo Vaughn
Matt Williams