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Angels 2008 Spring Training Non-Roster Invitees

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Non-Roster Invitees to Spring Training

If any of these players make the team out of Spring Training, it means we have a boatload of injuries or made a six for one player swap and it was six of ours.

The one area in which we could be construed to be thin in is Left-Handed relievers - and there is not a southpaw in the nine arms listed below!

Nick Adenhart
Henry Bonilla
Stephen Marek
Darren O'Day
Kasey Olenberger
Fernando Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez
Alex Serrano
Matt Wilhite

Hank Conger
Anel de los Santos
Tim Duff
Ben Johnson

Ryan Mount
Adam Pavkovich
PJ Phillips
Freddy Sandoval
Hainley Statia
Nate Sutton

Peter Bourjos
Dee Brown
Chad Hermansen