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Angels Lose Close One - Chowds are Right Where We Want Them

Blame of the Game: Howie Kendrick

The Angels have been to the ALDS 4 times prior to this season.

They have lost the first game of each ALDS as they did tonight. They have come back to win 2 of these 4 division series.

Despite Vlad's baserunning gaffe, understand that Howie Kendrick grounded out into what would have been a double play anyway right after that. Kendrick also grounded out with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 1st inning. We lost this game because of Howie Kendrick, plain and simple.

In the 4th, Kendrick left a man in scoring position. He struck out to lead off the 6th. And he grounded out in that fateful 8th inning.

John Lackey was great. Garret Anderson had the audacity of hope. Darren Oliver was great. Torii Hunter was great. Teixeira was okay. Scot Shields was terrible. Vlad was October Vlad but will suffer the biggest criticisms while it was Howie Kendrick choking that cost us this game.

The Angels have dug themselves a hole, so we will now see if they are as resilient and competent as the 2002 Halo squad.

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