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Santana or Saunders: TRADE BAIT?

Two of our three All Star pitchers will be returning in 2009. That is, if one of them does not get traded.

Ervin Santana's 2009 salary will be determined thru arbitration if a contract is not forthcoming. Do the Angels lock him up now to a big-time package or do they ride each year out as he cruises to the 8-figure annual salary? Was 2008 a peak? We all know just how low his day-away game valleys go. Ervin turns 26 in January. He is a Capricorn.

Joe Saunders is still under club control for around league minimum and it would be easy to guess, let alone statistically prove, that he may have had a career year and that his value in what he could bring back to the club in a trade - that value may likely never be higher. Joe turns 28 in June. Like Bob Dylan and Miles Davis, he is a Gemini.

If one of these players is to be traded, who should it be, what should we get for him and why not the other guy as... TRADE BAIT?