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TRADE BAIT: Brandon Wood

Bottom line, Brandon Wood is either being blocked by guys with less power or maturing into the roll of a lifetime. This dude is one of our top prospects. He has shown he can cut the Ks to Troy Glaus levels and adjust to the majors. He plays 3B and SS just fine, no flash, but no fury either.

He could be some good, cheap pop for years to come and he will only turn 24 in March, so those of you who thinkhe is a bust are just tired of hearing baout him for so long without any big league results - and those were hinted at when he competently handled things down the stretch for the ailing Angels infield.

On the other hand, Wood could be packaged for a marquee player from a team whose owner maybe lost his ass in the stock market last week and needs to cut salary more than he wants to win.

Is Wood the next Glaus-DeCinces or is he just a good piece of TRADE BAIT?