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2008 Hundred-Angel List

As announced on AM 830 Tuesday Night, Halos Heaven is re-doing the Top 100 Angels list. Who should be added to the list? Who should move up a few notches? Maybe Down a peg or two? The 08/09 offseason list will be PLAYERS ONLY.

The biggest, most glaring omissions from the 05/06 list were Mickey Rivers and Steve Bilko. That won't happen again. Anyone else you can think of?

But others have come since - Orlando Cabrera gave us three good seasons and two division titles. Don't get stupidly sentimental for Jose Molina, but do consider Mike Napoli's solid contributions on two AL West champions. Did Ervin Santana save the 2005 ALDS? What about his subsequent rollercoaster to greatness? Kotch missed out and it may be too soon for Howie, but has Figgy moved up from his 2005 ranking of #59? Was Wally Joyner robbed with that #20 ranking? Forget Hector Carrasco, but think about Jered Weaver's rookie magic and place in the pantheon.

The list debuts with Angel #100 on Halloween Night !

822 men have donned the Angels uniform on the Field. Name the Top 100...