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Kendry Morales: PLAY'im or TRADE'im?

Kendry Morales might be the next Mark Texeira, he might be a switch-hitting Mark Grace, he might not be that great but he is pretty good and there doesn't seem to be a chance of him totally falling on his face. He turned 25 on June 20, so he still has a little room to grow and he is an absolute bargain contract-wise. in 1,220 Minor League At-Bats he has a .901 OPS, 55 HR, 72 Walks and only 168 strikeouts.

BUT... he IS blocked if the club signs Mark Teixeira, unless the Angels give him on-the-job training in Right Field while Vlad Guerrero's kneecaps are rested at DH.

And yet... he has the glow of "magic prospect" about him, though, that could yield a LOT from other teams - teams hit by the economic downturn looking to unload primo players who are paid well.

So tell the Angels: Kendry Morales... Play Him or Trade him?