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It Is A Must-Win Game in Anaheim Tonight


  1. Name the Angel who will score the first Angel run of the game.
  2. How many walks will Angels batters receive in the game?
  3. YES or NO: The name "DONNIE MOORE" will be mentioned during the broadcast.


It isn't that this team CANNOT win three games in a row over Boston, it is that they just WILL not. History hangs heavy and the gravity of Donnie Moore tugs deep on any October matchup pitting the Angels against the Dented Buckners of Boston.

Ervin Santana must be magic on the mound. Juan Rivera cannot lose a ball in the lights, nor pop up with men on. No weak grounders, guys and check Vlad's ego if Willits running will make a difference.

You want more analysis? Post a comment here. Game Thread up at 6:15...