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Top 100 Angels: J.T. SNOW #99

J.T. Snow sure played a lot of games at 1st Base for the Angels and did so very little with them. In addition to that, he ganked a comically easy play in the 1995 1-Game October playoff with Seattle which the Angels lost. Pretty much our franchise's Bill Buckner moment.

We traded a perfectly servicable Jim Abbot to the Yankees for Snow and two pitchers who sucked. The Angels front office needed to justify this trade for years by trotting out His Mediocreness. When we did trade him, we got stuck with the terrible Allan Watson.

For more ravings about the years lost to J.T., his 2005 Top 100 Angel profile has detailed rantings from the frustrated Angels faithful.

On the plus side, he had 102 RBI in that fateful 1995 campaign, perhaps the highlight of his professional baseball career.