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Top 100 Angels: Brad FULLMER #90

The unsung hero of the 2002 World Champions, Brad Fullmer posted the highest On-Base Percentage + Slugging (OPS) of any Angel that season (.888), in 94 of his 130 games that season as the Designated Hitter (the others were at 1B).

Fullmer played respectably in the 2002 postseason; it was his single off Russ Ortiz with a man on and one out in the fateful bottom of the 7th Inning that brought Dusty Baker to the mound with a call to the bullpen. Breaking all known protocol and voodoo-no-no logic, Baker handed the ball Fullmer had hit to a departing Ortiz as reward for having pitched so well.

Fullmer would score on the next batter's homerun, a part of the greatest comeback in World Series history.