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Top 100 Angels: Mike NAPOLI #95

The Top 100 List has to be judged by results, not promise, and current/continuing players have to be seen for what has happened and where the stack up in franchise history if it all ended today.

Mike Napoli has only 860+ Plate Appearances as an Angel and yet his 46 HR as an Angel already put him in 36th place. He has been the dominant offensive catcher on back-to-back Division winners and he has to be credited with at least a smidgen of assisting three seasons worth of stellar Angel pitching staff performances.

In a franchise with Buck, Boone, Bengie and a few seasons of Brian Downing behind the plate, only Lance Parrish and Mike Napoli crack the Top 100. If it all ended tomorrow, the scratching of the surface of greatness with power and pitching savvy would place Mike Napoli at #95, along with his breaking the postseason Boston winning streak with a great ALDS offensive show in Game 3 of the 2008 ALDS.