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Scott Boras: Abuse Your Illusion

Pat of me wants to believe that the Red Sox and Nationals and Orioles are not really making these outlandish offers. It is within the realm of possibility that Scott Boras was told by Mark Teixeira that he wants to play in L.A. of Anaheim and to get the most money possible for this? Boras could be yanking Arte's chain. He could be yanking YOUR chain. This is a hopeful, almost wistful scenario... but with Scott Boras, ya nevah really know what you know and don't know.

UPDATE: Tim Dierkes reports that mainstream reporters agree with me.... 2:38pm: Tim Brown and Gordon Edes talked to involved execs (not with the Angels) who believe the Boras camp is "using the media to ratchet up the price beyond what any team had actually offered." Brown and Edes say the Angels were told the Red Sox and Nationals offered eight years at about $20MM per. The Angels don't want to do an eighth year, so they'll look into trades for Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, and possibly Adrian Beltre. Raul Ibanez is the top free agent backup plan.

If a Teix signing is not to be, the stage seems set for Boras to auction off Manny Ramirez. We know he will go where the money is and it is going to be at least three years and for more than 20 mil... the Angels should get out of the Boras-bidding at 2 and move on to Dunn and Bradley. Adam Dunn or Milton Bradley four three seasons at 11-12 mil will be just fine, Kendry will be at 1B and Figgy can be moved for a reliever or - heaven forbid we think about the future - prospects...

Between Free Agent pitchers Randy Wolf and Paul Byrd, I would hope that Tony Reagins stays out of the zoo and stokes Shane Loux and Dustin Moseley to do their best in Spring Training. The certainty of some power bats along with promotions for Kendry Morales and Brandon Wood means that the arms race can wait...

Your thoughts?