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Should I Renew My Season Seats?

I wanted to get this up before any Teixeira decision because this is about the market for tickets and not the product on the field – I assume that Arte will deliver a great product on the field, but I believe his market has peaked (for a variety of debatable factors) and that value is to be had by fans NOT holding season seats.

The 2009 season will see many season seat holders trying to get any value they can out of their season seats. This will mean lower legal scalping prices on the stub-hub ticket exchange... the demand will be low and the supply will be high. The bad economy will also mean more promotions from the Angels themselves with mid-week $3 games against unpopular teams.

I have until January 9 to decide if I want to pay $2400 for my two season seats. This is more than double what they cost in 2002. But cost is not the factor here. Value and Waste, are though. I cannot give away Sunday (Free Sunburn) day games – that is $390 right there. Frankly, I stopped going to Dodger, Red Sox and Yankee and I am too disorganized to try to get top dollar for those desirable tickets. I have a life that involves socializing so Friday and Saturday games are not a slam-dunk for me either. So I have come to embrace Tuesday night games against the A’s, Rangers and Mariners.

If we make 24 games this season and spend $100 on two tickets each time, we will probably get great seats for every game. Make that 20 games and throw in a visit to the Diamond Club. Mix and match - the buying options have never been easier and the glut of good seats available at reasonable one-game prices has arrived.

2009 will be the season that more tickets are available for less than ever before. I have to give Robert Alvarado $2,400 by January 9, or it will be the first time since the 1998 season that I do not have some sort of ticket package.

What are your thoughts about the market for Angels tickets in 2009?