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TOP TEN Arguments Against Signing Mark Teixeira

MONEY ARGUMENT: We could invest the money in a few players over time and get better results. That is... IF we invest the money in the right players.

CONTRACT LENGTH ARGUMENT: Penciling anyone in for opening day 2016 is an out-of-the-mind proposition.

HARDCORE STAT-HEAD ARGUMENT: He will be 29 around opening day. Players historically peak at age 27-28. We might get one 150 OPS+ season out of him, and we will surely get a few great seasons out of him, but seasons 6, 7 and 8 will be Gary Matthewsesque and cost twice the dough.

CHEMISTRY ARGUMENT: His departure from the Rangers was not met with any teammates crying.

A-ROD ARGUMENT: He is not as good as A-Rod, he never will be and he should not be getting paid anywhere near what A-Rod makes nor have close to as many guaranteed years on his contract as A-Rod.

RINGS ARGUMENT: I don't see any.

POSITIONAL FETISH ARGUMENT: It is easier to get high production from a First-Baseman because of the defensive ease relative to the difficulty of playing most any other position. So we are overpaying for a position that is easier to replace production at than any other on the diamond.

SINGLES ARGUMENT: That was all he hit in the playoffs.

WORLD ECONOMIST ARGUMENT: When deflation hits next year, $20 Million 2008 dollars are going to cost Arte $30 MIllion 2009 dollars.

ALREADY STACKED ARGUMENT: Brandon Wood (3b) + Kendry Morales (1B) = greater offensive and defensive contributions than Chone Figgins and Teixeira - and at a cost of only $1 MIllion in 2009.