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Top 100 Angels: Billy MORAN #77

We missed Billy Moran on our Post-2005 Top 100 Angels list, but research shows him to be the first great Angels 2B-man, made expendable only by the emergence of the great Bobby Knoop (who was undervalued in his showing on that list, an error which will be corrected).

Moran arrived in a trade in June of 1961 and was traded in June of 1964.While wearing a Halo, he played over 3200 innings at 2B outperforming league averages in an era of defensive greatness. He played in 160 games for the exciting 1962 overachievers, batting 2nd almost exclusively. He was an All Star that season and posted 13th place in the league MVP voting. Never one to be confused with Ted Williams with the bat, he knew his game well enough to place in the top ten in sacrifices in 4 out of his 7 big league seasons, twice with the Angels in '62 and '63.