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...a new hope...

Yoda: Told you I did. Reckless and greedy is he. Now, matters are worse.
Obi-Wan: Mark Teixieria is our last hope.
Yoda: No. There is another.

Forget anything you read by the TIMES Mike DiGiovanna about Angel acquisitions. The only difference between Mike-D and a blogger is that the blogger's employer is not about to file for bankruptcy. There ain't gonna be no trade for no Adrian Beltre, nor Paul Konerko, or Joey Votto or any vato for that matter. There ain't gonna be no big signing of no free agent power bat neither.

There might be some farm swappage for pitching, but the Angels can go into 2009 with over 90% of their season seat holders renewing simply because so many bought the postseason package and few asked for refunds after only using 2 tickets in October. With renewal costing these folks less than 15% of the total price, the Angels have 30,000 season ticket holders (with a cap from MLB of 35,000 allowed) in the bag with nary a marketing endeavor.

But there is gonna be a lot more of something this season at Angels Stadium. Grab your drumstick and click the link below...

There is gonna be a LOT more KOWBELL in Anaheim in 2009...