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Top 100 Angels: Kelvim ESCOBAR #57

Pitcher Kelvim Escobar was part of Arte Moreno's mad cash dash '03-'04 offseason signing frenzy that added Bartolo Colon, Jose Guillen and Vladimir Guerrero to the Angels. He was a critical component in the division championships teams of '04, '05 and '07. Bone spurs in his elbow in 2005 brought him to the bullpen late in the season where he made a fateful relief appearance in Game 2 of the 2005 ALCS - a strike 3 sinkerball dipped so low for Catcher Josh Paul that umpire Doug Eddings was fooled into call it a dropped ball by the White Sox batter. The rest is another sad chapter of Angels history.

But Escobar's positive contributions to Angels lore are numerous. In 653 Innings Pitched, his K/9 of 7.73 is ranks 4th in franchise history. His 2.63 K to BB rate ranks 6th all time. Most impressive, his Adjusted ERA+ of 125 ranks 3rd all time in franchise history and is the highest of any Starting Pitcher who ever wore a Halo.