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Top 100 Angels: Bartolo COLON #56

Righty Bartolo Colon won 18 games in his first season as an Angel, but it was considered a bust by most observers. He followed that up with a Cy Young award in 2005, becoming the first 20-Game winner with a Halo since the early 1970s. His 21 wins that season rank 3rd single season in franchise history. His BB/9 of 1.74 that year ranks 3rd all time single season while his 2.36 BB/9 Angel career record ranks 6th, in 586+ innings. The only other Angel to win the Cy Young was Dean Chance in 1964.

Bart was hardly a fan favorite in Anaheim, picked on for being the fat kid by the disgustingly overfed monster truck contingent in the stands. A hard-luck postseason pitcher, he was mercilessly squeezed in Game 1 of the 2004 ALDS and lost Game 1 of the 2005 ALDS because of an outfielder playing too shallow. In Game 5 he pulled that muscle and was replaced by Ervin Santana. When the 2006 Angels lost the division by 4 games, please note that Bartolo lost 5 of them and that a ready Jered Weaver was shipped to the minors out of deference to the veteran.

Did he sell his soul for that Cy Young? Or did a delayed-black cat cross Bart's path on his way to the signing? Colon was paid $30 Million for his final two seasons as an Angel, 2006 and '07. In these two years he went 7-13 in 155+ innings pitched, gave up 203 hits and 113 runs.

A curious stat: Troy Percival and Bartolo Colon each pitched exactly 586 and 2/3 innings as Angels. Their respective Strikeout to Walk Rates: Percival - 2.69 (5th best all time), Colon - 2.74 (3rd best).