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Top 100 Angels: Don MINCHER #76

The Angels First Baseman during the Summer of Love was big Don Mincher, and All-Star that year who almost made the trade of Dean Chance to Minnesota make sense. His 157 OPS+ ranks 4th all time single season in Angels history, however #1 and #3 on that list (Jason Thompson in 1980 and Bobby Grich in 1981) were played recorded in seasons of 102 and 100 games respectively. This means that Don Mincher is second only to Tim Salmon's 165 OPS+ in 1995 as the single greatest FULL season in team history, a statistical smidge better than Vladimir Guerrero's legendary MVP 2004 campaign.

Don clubbed 25 HR and had 76 RBI on that anemic 84-Win Angels team and followed it up with an OPS+ of 111 on an even worse 67-95 1968 Angels squad.

Remember... Mincher's mashing monster seasons under the Halo were at the height of the deadball era. He was drafted by the expansion Seattle Pilots in 1969 and would be the answer to the trivia question What Angel was also an All-Star with the Seattle Pilots.