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Top 100 Angels: Ramon ORTIZ #73

Always referred to as one of the many "Little Pedros" at the turn of the century, righty Ramon Ortiz was always the young pitcher of our future who needed to get his youthful emotions in check until a birth certificate scandal revealed him to actually be three years older, therefore becoming the 2002 club's passionate veteran.

Ramon never quite lived up to the potential that the media and club assured fans was his. As measured by ERA +, he was a league average pitcher in 3 of the 6 seasons he spent in Anaheim and well below league average in 2 of them.

But his 2002 ERA+ of 117 helped a little getting us into the postseason. He went 15-9 in 217+ innings with a 1.1 WHIP (his careeer best), striking out 162 of the 896 batters he faced that year. His postseason numbers were terrible - despite getting a win in the ALCS and World Series, and he was replaced as the starter for Game 7 by rookie John Lackey. On the bench at a critical moment he told the media it was a good call by Mike Scioscia, "Hey I want us to win!" he told them in one of the great displays of team spirit in Angels history.