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Sticker Shock!!!

I got a chance to smacktalk the Dodgers over at SportsHub L.A. and could not resist gloating over the current superiority of the Angels:

L I N K -to- S T O R Y

In other news, here is a small sampling of stadium seat price increases for single game ticket and online purchases:

RIGHT FIELD PAVILLION (combo nosebleed/deep outfield seats)
2007: $12
2008: $16

LOWER VIEW MVP (almost nosebleeders, but between the bases)
2007: $26
2008: $35

FIELD BOX (Near the field, but by the foulpoles)
2007: $29
2008: $33

UPPER VIEW (Nosebleed and stuck by either foulpole)
2007: $12
2008: Still $12