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De La Boca Vlad

Controversies are popping up all over...

The LA Times reports that Vlad didn't even wait for the Spanish translation of Dee Aitch to say "NO!" to the idea. Vlad insists that he is the Right Fielder. Meanwhile Garret Anderson is still selling himself as the Left Fielder. I swear if Gary Matthews Junior is the DeeAitch of this team the season is gonna be a BeeYotch.

Vlad got into it again over the Shorstop question, strongly advocating that Erick Aybar be the man. If Brandon Wood mashes 9 HRs this Spring, d'ya think he has a shot at short, Vlad or Vlad Damned?

Meanwhile a marginalized Juan Rivera has been told to take balls at First Base, cutting into Casey Kotchman's completeness at 1B, undercutting any shot Kendry Morales has at being a substantive part of the Angel offense and pretty much signing Robb Quinlan's release.

Speaking of Quinlan, talk about a guy waiting around for Figgy to snap a wrist in half or to just get Scioscia coffee...

The Kelvim Escobar sore shoulder has made Joe Saunders breathe easier but he told Matt Hurst that he found out about the Garland acquisition on his honeymoon. Get this, Hokie Joe was honeymooning in Thailand. We'll Pad-See-You in April as the #5 arm on Opening night at the Stadium, Joe, keep your Pad-Tye curveball extra spicy and that changeup sweeter than Thai Iced Tea.

With the Frankie Long Goodbye Tour warming up, ya gotta wonder if it behooves Jason Bulger, Ervin Santana and/or Rich Thompson to spend their Spring studying Frankie's workouts in order to glean out the greatness from amidst the macabre mechanics.