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No Game Thread Tuesday

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Tuesday will be the unveiling of Halos Heaven 2.0 and we will be offline in the morning while the tech department does the heavy lifting, coding, server migration, I don't know, windexing of the computer valves and internet tubes perhaps...

Anyway, stop by tomorrow afternoon to create your new user account.

If you are a lurker, understand that creating an account and having a log-in name allows you to see which comments in threads are new and which ones you have already viewed.

Of course, having your own Halos Heaven ID lets you join in the discussions here and make pregame picks and guesses. An ID occasionally comes in handy as a soapboax when you need to be heard - posts on Halos Heaven are read by thousands of Angel fans worldwide, so be careful, with great power comes great responsibility...

The new site should be up around game time.