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Angel Offday

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The Angels have St. Patrick's Day off. They resume Cactus League play on Tuesday.
After Sunday's Game, the team reassigned 8 players to the minor league section of their camp:

  • Pitchers Henry Bonilla, Nick Green, Jeff Kennard, Kasey Olenberger and Matt Wilhite.
  • Infielders Matt Brown, Sean Rodriguez, Freddy Sandoval
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Want to see the death of objective statistical analysis? A fanboy uses a fog of stats to dismiss the Angels - his pretense of rationalism is all a camouflage for his emotional commitment to his team that blinds him to the greatness of the Angels. But he cannot just say, "Hey I like my team, not yours!" - no, he has to throw numbers out in a semi-serious pose as an analyst. Quite an embarrassment to the Windows-XP Mariner Northwest, really...

Did you know that Jered Weaver, despite being young and pitching hurt last season, will continue regressing?
Did you know that Casey Kotchman is not a good defender?
Did you know Torii Hunter's offense can be minimized so as to be equal with the numbers of Reggie Willits?
Learn more (or less, really) than your eyes and the numbers could ever tell you at the link above.