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FanShot Contest

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The good folks at Sony just sent me some new copies of MLB 08 THE SHOW and being 43 years old, I don't have a PlayStation3 on my 1977 Pong adapter, so here is a contest for you to WIN a FREE copy of MLB 08 THE SHOW from Halos Heaven!

Post a picture on Halos Heaven FanShots showing how hardcore an Angels fan you are.

Vote for the FanShots that you think are the most hardcore cool Angels fan out there.

I will contact the FanShot posters with the most votes to send you your copy of this amazin PS3 game. Sony already sent one to scottnak to write a review for the site.

At Halos Heaven, we share the swag with the community! Contest runs over the next few days, so enter sooner rather than later, please.