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GameGASM Result Dump

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Yep. Here we go, a slew of updates. In fact a whole week's worth.

Hope no-one was waiting up for these, and being bitterly disappointed when going to bed that I hadn't put anything up yet.

Since there's so much to catch up on, I just merged them into one nifty Excel file and combined them alll into one.

Also calculated the totals you got for the week... since, well why not. It'll help me out later. But since it's a few days before the season actually begins and to show the final results... I kept the rest a secret.

I suppooose you COULD go back and tally up the ones inbetween the Midterm results and this result, and then add those together, but I'm willing to bet noone would do that.

So the final result is kept secret! Maybe.

Click here for the details

Please tell me if there is anything wrong!