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Fog Clears: Dustin Moseley to Angels Rotation

Word from the Angels HQ is that Dustin Moseley will be the Angels' 5th starter to begin the season. The Rotation shakes down as: Weaver, Garland, Saunders, Santana, Moseley.

This leaves the bullpen in need of a long man. In Arizona, Dark Horse Righthander Shane Loux is being stretched out and could join the 6-man pen that so far shapes up as Frankie, Speier, Oliver, O'Day and Thompson.

Those thinking that Moseley will not be so important to begin the 2008 campaign have obviously not closely examined the Angels schedule. The first three off days of the season (April 10, 21 and May 8) are all spaced to prohibit skipping the 5th starter until May 12th. That would give Moseley (or his replacement should Dustin be too terrible to bear) a MINIMUM of 7 starts (April 4, 9, 15, 20, 26, May 1, 6) before the staff could be expected to each pitch on normal rest and be able to skip the turn of the 5th starter. And those are plump assignments - 1 start against both Detroit and Cleveland, 4 games against AL West rivals (2 Vs. Texas, 1 each against Oakland and Seattle) and Kansas City on the road.

Dustin Moseley will have no cakewalk through a month and a half of major league starts.