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Opening Series Pitching Matchups Seem Set

Monday – Weaver V. Livan Hernandez
Had Lackey been healthy, this would have been a rematch of Game 7, 2002. Regardless, Livan was a #5 starter on a National League team and had a 1.6 WHIP with a record of 11-11. We should just moider dis bum.

Tuesday – Garland V. Boof Bonser
Last season, 3 Angels hit homeruns off of Bonser: Kotchman, Napoli and Figgins. It is pretty much mandatory that we put up at least a 5 spot on this guy.

Wednesday – Saunders V. Nick Blackburn
He appeared in 6 games last year, his first season, and he lost 2 of them. He started none but he lost 2. While Saunders was on the bubble to be our #5 starter, Blackburn would be on the bubble to be like our 12th starter.

Thursday – Santana V. Kevin Slowey
Slowey faced the Angels once in 2007, giving up 10 hits, 3 doubles a Homerun and 5 runs (4 earned), but somehow still managed a victory. HE is not much better than that line suggests, so if Ervin is on we should smoke up the broomage on the twinkies.