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Pre-Season Gabfest

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A blog called Home Run Derby interviewed me and Angels blogger Chone Smith from the ALL THE WAY Angels blog about the upcoming season:

L I N K -to- S T O R Y

So they cut out my answer to one of their questions in that forum, so here it is for you all:

Q: What do Angel fans know about the team that the mainstream media
should pay more attention to?

Rev Halofan: The fact that the media obsesses about the name-change issue, and that they rag on the So-Cal lifestyle as producing a less-true version of a fan in Anaheim than in some eastern seaboard shithole - these insipid mindsets prevent me from giving a rat's ass (preferably a rat from one of our stadium concession stands) about setting the media straight.

ALSO: Rob at the 6-4-2 blog linked to a great discussion at SportsHub L.A. about how our Gary Matthews contract and the Dodgers' Juan Pierre contracts are exacerbated by, and yet ameliorated somewhat with, the follow-up signings of Torii Hunter and Andruw Jones.