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Thursday Spring Training Game Thread

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Giants @ Angels
Matt Cain V. Jered Weaver

Bengie Molina will start his first game of Spring Training. Joe Nickerson has a detailed article about the hindsight wisdom of not re-signing Bengie Molina. He posts Bengie's numbers from 2006 and '07 and they match up well with the Napoli/Mathis tandem. What he misses, though, is that Molina's similar production would have cost much more than NapThis and that we have had two seasons of MathPoli seeing major league pitching and handling a major league dish.

Pregame-Gasm Guesses:
1. Yes or No: Will Jered Weaver record at least 9 outs?
2. Yes or No: Will Torii Hunter make more than 2 plate appearances?
3. Which team will score first?