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Post-Game Digestion

While the offense was generally putrid, there were a few good things to take away from the Angels losing their first game of 2008.
Kotchman looked great, pummeling the ball with authority. Weaver gutted out a few jams, were Napoli to have cooperated with a cannon on base stealers, Jered might have squeaked himself a W. Figgins was clutch even though clutch does not exist (Baseball having an automatic transmission, I guess). Darren Oliver was quick and efficient.

Welcome to the Angels Torii Hunter. Welcome to the Major Leagues Darren O'Day.

Okay, as fans we take it one game at a time (I just corrected a typo in that sentence, I had typed “dame” and that would change the meaning of this post quite a bit), so let’s blow off the steam and get them tomorrow.

Bottom Line: Livan Hernandez beat us on March 31, 2008, but remains the Losing Pitcher on October 27, 2002.

Name an Angels fan that would reverse these two.