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Week 2 Results (... sorta)

Well, if you have been observant, you may have seen that a few posts have gone missing. Unfortunately, there were some things messed with behind the scenes that caused these particular posts to disappear.

Disappearing posts coupled with my insanely busy week last week... means I didn't have a chance to collect 2 of the 6 "pregame" picks this week. (Particularly game 8 and 10). Now, this is a long shot, but if anyone was so bored that they decided to track everything on their own.... well, send it over and we'll be greatful.

But in the 99% chance that no-one did, well. We're out of luck. Cache search turned out nothing and I can't find any other way to recover it. I'm hoping we don't get any whiners... I'm doin' this in my free time and mistakes happen (be happy it happened by game 10 and not game 100). But yes, they are gone gone forever.

And if anyone is pining for the images, unfortunately since the average number of players hits about the 70s (which is so much more than usual) it's not a trivial task to turn it into an image anymore... maybe if I get creative, but that kind of time won't present itself until I'm out of classes.

Anyway, enough explainin, lets see some results.

Week 2 Top 5...

[ A familiar face ]
3 ? 3 ? 0 2 8
[ A new guy! ]
2 ? 3 ? 1 2 8
Four Ts 2 ? 2 ? 1 2 7
billhune 2 ? 2 ? 0 3 7
7 tied for 5th place
- - - - - - 6

See the rest...

And now, since we have two weeks worth of games down... here are the cumulative results

2 people are tied for 1st at 12 points. Could this person be you??
It's not anyone in the top 4 shown above... so... why don't you just see for yourself


Go go go Cumulative 2!