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Carry on My Wayward Kansas PREGAME THREAD

7:05 PM - Brett Tomko @ Jon Garland - FSNW

Two kinda lousy pitchers. This oughtta be a bash!

Pregame Guesses: Name 3 Angels who will score in the game tonight.

First off, how come the Angels get endless grief for their geographical moniker and nobody razzes the hell out of the Missouri Royals for representing a city named after a neighboring state.

I don't have a problem with it, but after years of suffering obtuse self-impressed internet screeds calling us funny permutations on our name, I have to point out that we are not the Arizona City Angels (Arizona City, California), which is how the Missouri Royals fans ought to be treated before they join the mass-hoo-haw lambasting LA of A. Of course, when the owner of the A's changes the team name to something ridicule-worthy, those fans (all 83 of them) will not be taken to task - even though Oakland's owner will be SELLING the name of the team's geography, not seeking out a loophole to benefit revenue (like Arte Moreno did) but rather taking revenue in exchange for the name - we call that selling out where I come from.

Anyway, on the excellent Royals blog ROYALS REVIEW  here on SBN, a poster tonight gave us an outsider's take on a visit to Angel stadium that I thought was so even-handed, unique and somewhat accurate that I have to post it here:

saw KC play in Anaheim once...

place was seriously chock full of MILFs…that’s the OC for you I guess. Stadium was kind of cool but much like most of the MILFs there, it had some neat features that caught your eye but upon closer inspection you could definitely tell it was old and had had a major facelift.

by Royal Revival on Apr 16, 2008 7:14 PM PDT

SO WEDNESDAY NIGHT, I was impressed with the way that the Royals took advantage of a bullshit strike zone early and then exploited the home plate umpire wanting to get home early by widening to the size of an extra large pizza. If Cleveland gets three key injuries, Detroit gets two key injuries and the Twins lose Franciso Liriano before the All Star Break, the Royals could find themselves battling for 3rd place come September.