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5ive With Rex Hudler - Friday PREGAME Thread

7:05 PM - R.A. Dickey @ Saunders - FSN

Pregame Guesses: Name 3 Angels who will reach base safely more than once in tonight's game.

Before Friday Night’s game, you can catch The Rex Hudler Show on AM 830 at 4PM. Our Halos Heaven Managing Editor cupie caught up with Rex Hudler after the recent 5-Game road trip had just concluded. Here is their chat from Wednesday afternoon: 

CUPIE for Halos Heaven: This season the Angels have mixed up the broadcast teams. How did this come about?  

REX HUDLER: The bosses at Fox Television decided to give Rory Markus and Mark Gubicza 85 televised games and gave Phys and me the remaining 65 games on television. The Angels said that when Phys and I are not on television, they would like us to broadcast on the radio.

C: Do you prepare any differently for radio versus television broadcasts?

RH: I prepare the same for either broadcast medium. Angels fans are informed, intelligent fans and they deserve my best whether they watch or listen to Angels games. I want to bring my A game no matter if it is radio or TV.

C: Which do you prefer: radio or television?

RH: This is my 10th season as a broadcaster for the Angels and I have always done TV. I prefer TV because I enjoy describing what people see. In radio, I am learning to describe what people don’t see.

C: How is your book project coming along, and do you have a projected release date?

RH: The book is coming along and we are hoping for a mid-summer release date. I am excited about the book and hopefully it will be something that encourages people when they read it. The book will be available on my website (REXHUDLER.COM). The website will be updated soon and I will keep your readers posted on the release date.

C: On AM 830 radio, on the day of every Friday home game, you have your own radio show. Can you tell us how this came about and what can we expect from it? 

RH: The Angels gave me an opportunity to have my own radio show and they decided to call it The Rex Hudler Show. Whoever is listening can expect Angel talk from my perspective along with current and former Angels player interviews. The show is still growing and we are still putting together details; hopefully the people will enjoy what they hear. 

The Rex Hudler Show is on 4-6 pm of every Friday home game on AM 830 – you can see Rex do the show live at Roscoe’s Famous Deli  at 116 W. Commonwealth in downtown Fullerton, 92832.