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The animals are conspiring against us.

Unfortunately, we had a nice 7th inning going for us, then it just disappeared in the bottom half. Moseley did fine. Not great, but not bad at all either.

A few blunders occured, but personally I'm pinning this on what flipped the momentum in the 7th, and that means Blame of the Game goes to Erick Aybar. At first I put Maicer, but after thinking about it. Izzy did get two RBIs, and Aybar did absolutely nothing, and he (perhaps...) should've been able to get the play done (for which Maicer was awarded an Error for)

Who knows what might've happened afterwards but that extra oomph that came out of that sure paid off for the Tigres.

Hey. My first assignment. Now go ahead and rant away. (And yes that's me. Hello)