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Tuesday Pregame of Fremont

7:05 PM - Greg Smith (L) @ Joe Saunders (L) - TV: FSN

Pregame Guesses:

  1. Angels runs scored in tonight's game
  2. Most runs Angels will score in any single inning
  3. Total # of Saunders strikeouts and Angel defensive double plays

We could have used a lot of excuses for last night's game, such as the awful strike zone, the animosity of the Home Plate umpire toward our pitcher after ejecting our pitching coach, Sunday Night baseball giving us a late flight, but excuses are for chumps - we lost, ironically on a night where Jon Garland struck out 5 Athletics (caveat: that awful strike zone).

Tonight's game sees the best Angels pitcher, statistically this season, that we have - it is Colonel Saunders and his finger-lickin' good curveball. It can be assumed that this game will be just a bit closer of a contest with Hokie Joe on the mound and that we are no longer tired and have had our fair share of bad umping.