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King Ade-Rock MLB Debut Pregame Thread

7:05 PM - Justin Duchscherer (R) @ Nick Adenart (R) - TV: FSN

Will he be famous for more than Fifteen Innings?

Pregame Guesses

  1. Plus or Minus 5: # of Pitches Nick Adenhart throws in Thursday Night's game
  2. # of strikeouts recorded by Adenhart in tonight's game
  3. Name the Athletic who will be the first major league strikeout victim of Nick Adenhart

It is College Night at the Big A and a kid who turned down college to sign with the Angels will be on the mound.

To underscore Adenhart's age, allow me to remind longtime Angel fans of the celebrated 1986 13-12 victory over Detroit at the Big A where we scored 8 runs in the bottom of the 9th capped off by a Dick Schofield walk-off Grand Slam. So yeah, Nick Adenhart was 5 DAYS old on the day of that game.