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Pounding Back

Angels 9, Indians 5


Panther of the Game: Mike Napoli

A lot of good came out of today's game and the negatives seemed so situational - Moseley's 4 runs only happened because he had such a large cushion,Torrii's dropped ball happened in a situation with little to no threat to the game and can be blamed on stretcfhing Shields past the breaking point, ERA-wise.

Games like this (9 runs all on homers to benefit our 5th starter after a gut-wrenching loss) have been nonexistent for the Angels since late in 2004. I could see the 2001 squad killing the ball like this for a washed-up waiver-wire veteran on the mound, but for Holy Moseley it was the red-sea parting and the long ball flying.

We came within one strike of a sweep, really one bad call at the 1B bag that was a game-ending groundout for Speier called back on Tuesday, but the bottom line is a series win. Save the broom, rest up tomorrow, it is a hungry Seattle squad waiting under the rotating roof for us this weekend.